The World's Only Cardboard Boat Museum

Discover the fascinating history and engineering marvels of The Cardboard Boat Museum in New Richmond, Ohio.

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Why Visit the Cardboat Museum

Discover a place where imagination and simple materials create amazing boats. Our museum tells the story of how cardboard boats are made and raced, showcasing the fun and creativity behind this unique sport. Explore the history, see the boats up close, and learn about the exciting events that make cardboard boat racing special. Explore the world of cardboard boats and be amazed at the incredible things you can create with cardboard and a dream.

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Do You Want to Race in the Cardboard Boat Regatta?

Join us at the Cardboard Boat Museum and take part in the fun and excitement of our annual cardboard boat regatta. Build your own boat, test your creativity, and compete against others in this unique and thrilling event. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-time builder, our regatta is an adventure for all ages. Come experience the joy of cardboard boat racing and make unforgettable memories with us.

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